Cube Lines

Cube Lines 1.0

In Cube lines the aim is to assemble the same colored cubes in groups of four
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Cube lines is a very entertaining puzzle game. The objective is to assemble the same colored cubes in groups of four in a square shape (not horizontal lines of four cubes but two vertical pairs). As times goes by more and more cubes start appearing and you have to group them fast because if you do not you will end up soon with no more space. Once there is no more room and the board is filled with cubes you will have lost.
The graphics are quite good, the cubes have different and bright colors. You can choose between a full screen and a window mode. The music is good too, nice and relaxing. The sound effects are also pretty nice.
This game is a lot of fun and it is really easy to learn how to play, plus you have the instructions before you start playing.
The only negative thing that I find in this game is that like many other puzzle games you may get lost in time playing because is too much fun.
The best thing is that the full version of Cube Lines is totally free! You just have to download it and that is it, you have a great game without paying a cent.

Review summary


  • Full version free
  • Really fun
  • Easy to play


  • Very easy to loose track of time
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